Home Networking Overhaul

For months now i have been fighting the rats nest in the top of the closet in my office were i keep all my network gear. There were old cables wire tied to more old cables 12-18 inches thick and power cables were always falling down. It was a nightmare whenever i needed to move a cable or add a new device.

Today I pulled every wire and cable out of the closed. I started by wall mounting my network switch, and power strips. I cable tied the wires come into my patch panel so they were not dangling loose and the same for the wires going to my NVR (network video recorder – for my security camera system).

Next I went around the house and tested each network jack in various room and labeled them on both the jacks and the patch panel. One positive of that end ever i found one jack misfired which I am sure was causing collisions and other network issues.

After all of that was done and several trips to Fry’s I was able to neatly route all my cables, label them…

I should have taken a before picture but never the less here is the results!



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