Mac OS Yosemite and ZFS raid not mounting

I recently updated my mac pro from Mavericks to Yosemite.  Afterwords my ZFS raid 5 stopped working (was not seen by the system). Please read this entire guide and the warnings before trying to fix your issue! Also please backup your data before trying to fix your zfs raid.

To fix this I did the following:

Downloaded ZFS 1.2.7 from HERE
Reboot your mac

Next i upgraded my zpool from Terminal

zpool upgrade data (NOTE: data is the name of my zpool change this to your zpool’s name.)

After all this i noticed the mount point for my zpool was not set so i set the mount point.

zfs set mountpoint=/Volumes/data data

To verify the above command worked i displayed the mount points

zfs get mountpoint data

After this i saw that it was not mounted so to mount the pool you do

zfs mount data

After this I was able to use my raid 5 drive.

***Please note*** the content of this article has only been tested on one system – if you chose to try it do so at your own risk and backup any data before starting! This is meant as a high leave guide that may not work on your system and may not contain all the steps!

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