Printing to Ubuntu Shared Printer

So for months I have been carrying my macbook into my office and printing because i was to cheap to buy a network printer and the printer I have is across the room from my ubuntu computer in the office so not shared.

Today I took a trip to Fry’s and purchased a USB repeater cable so that I could extend my USB cable to 30 feet. From there i routed the cable neatly around the room, having just finished cleaning up a networking rats next i did not want to create another mess.

Setting the printer up on ubutu was more or less plug in play other than under server i needed to enable the “publish shared printers connected to this system” under the server settings.

After several text prints to ensure it was working, I was off to configure my mac. I went to add a printer and selected IP printer, entered the IP of my ubuntu server and added :631 to point it to the ubuntu print server, CUPS. Next i had to set the protocol to IPP and enticer the queue name printers/myprintername.

After about 5 minutes i was printing, simple as that!

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