Spaghetti Warehouse Rocks

I would like to start off by saying; this is not my typical type of post… A few days ago I opened my email and what do I find but a coupon for a free spaghetti dinner to Spaghetti Warehouse, for my birthday. As well as several other free dinner coupons…

Typically I am skeptical of such offers but tonight I decided to see. I arrived as I have done many times before, was immediately seated and greeted by a very friendly waitress, Jessica.

I presented Jessica with my free spaghetti dinner coupon and she explained I could order any spaghetti dinner I wanted, which I did. I ordered the Seafood Mediteraneo, which was Shrimp and clams chopped and tossed with a spicy cream sauce over pasta.

My food arrived quickly and was one of the best dishes I have had in sometime. After I ate they brought me an ice cream for my birthday, and whished me well.

Over all this was an above average experience with above average food for the amazing price off free!

I would like to take this time to thank both Spaghetti Warehouse and Jessica for a great evening.

Tonight went so well I am thinking over the next few days I will try some of the others, and keep you updated as to how they go!

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